Monday, November 13, 2017

Kathy's QUORA

When were you last in a big city? Boston in March, I think. I can't recall if I've been to Portland since then. We certainly drove through Portland on our way to Hood Canal in September so maybe that counts? 
*What handknit did you wear this weekend? Possibly none? I don't think I wore socks, and it wasn't cold enough for a scarf or gloves or heavy sweater.
*Do your pets sit by the heating vents, radiators or the like when it is cold in the house? Jessie our cat does. She sits  on top of the heating vent. Pilot curls up in front of the gas fireplace when it is on.
*How do you keep track of the knits you’ve created and what yarn was used? I guess my blog is my tracker?
*Does anybody have that Norman Rockwell scene around the Thanksgiving table anymore?  Ha not us! We're having cioppino this year.
*Do you have a small batch recipe that works?  I don't think so, but I"m not much of a cook.
*How are your hands holding up ?  Chapped?  Not yet!
*What are you missing about summer? Sunshine and being able to visit the alpacas every day.
*When was the last time you went through a security line? March, traveling to Boston.
*Does your family have a secret family recipe?  I come from a long line of poor cooks, so no.


Anonymous said...

Love your answer to the secret family recipe ............I think my family's secret was that it came from a cardboard box marked Betty Crocker. LOL

kathy b said...

Oh I wish you could see Calypso as much as you really want to! My blog is my tracker too. It is far more accurate than my Ravelry board