Saturday, November 04, 2017

No pom poms for you

I hate pom poms.
I love baby hats, but hate pom poms.
Two hours of my life were wasted on trying to make perky pompoms.

Wasted, I tell you. Wasted.

These will be off to Charlotte and Elizabeth on Monday. They can fight over who gets which one. Given they'll be about three weeks old when these arrive, that should be one epic battle.

Let's check the to-do list, shall we?

1. Need to finish the neckline on black and white sweater and weave in ends. STATUS: still need to do this.
2. Need to finish the sleeve on the cable cardigan and weave in ends. STATUS: this is done and I have the buttons--need to put on buttons.
3. NUTKIN! Must Nutkin!
4. The sparkly blue scarf. That one is almost done.

5. The beaded scarf that is sitting in the knitting bag. STATUS: still sitting
6. Citron (I have watermelon colored yarn) STATUS: I did look at Citron and it looked boring.
7. Silver Storm (I"m sure I have some pretty yarn for this) STATUS: this is one I should cast on.
8 Glaswegian I've already cast on for this. The yarn is--interesting.STATUS: still interesting.
9. I have to find some cable socks to knit because I love cables. Any ideas? STATUS; Liab
10. Those little baby bonnets (must finish baby bonnets).
 So I also want to add thes Fox Mittens to this list. And Norse--I have two sets of yarns for this. And a Christmas gift for Tim.


kathy b said...

I have the utmost respect for those who make good pom poms. !!! I cannot
Al just got a pom maker......I have to ask her if it worked

I think DEE has a faux cable sock pattern that I've knitted up before. It looks lovely when worn. Check out her patterns on the right side of her blog

elns said...

Honestly? I'm not a huge pom pom fan, so is it a loss? To me? Meh. I wonder if this is because I have an enormous head and do not find things that emphasize my head beneficial.

I do think the hats look great the way they are!

I have a similar list going on right now. I am somewhat excited to start something new, unfortunately I feel like I cannot finish my current 2 items fast enough.

Happy Knitting :)

KSD said...

I loathe pom poms as well. Because, of course I do.