Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Norse to meet you!

You might recall that on Saturday I cast on for All The Things, and one of the things was Norse.  I've never been a big fan of Fair Isle (well, I love how it looks but often my knitting looks tight and sloppy) but I really really like this pattern.

So I totally love these socks. First, the pattern calls for Koigu so I got some Koigu for the socks. I have used Koigu before but had frankly forgotten what a wonderful yarn it is. I love how it feels--so soft and squishy! Second, the pattern is complicated, but it all kind of makes sense. This is about 75% of the leg and I haven't made any major mistakes. Third, using Koigu colors for this is just plain fun. So thumbs up on this pattern and this yarn!

Yesterday was a busy day. I got in at 7:40-ish and prepped for class. Had class from 10-12, then in the afternoon were several job talks. Then I taught a class for a colleague who is out of town from 4-6. Today I'm working at home and Wednesday is another day filled with meetings and class. It is week 8, so I think everyone is trying to push stuff through before Thanksgiving and then 'dead week' and then finals week.

Sunday night we had a rain/wind storm and yesterday morning we found that one of our aspen trees had uprooted and fell against the class (it was only about two feet from the house, so it was not a dramatic FLOP like sometimes you hear). Tim was working from home yesterday so he got ahold of a tree guy who was free in the morning to come take the tree down. Apparently there was a lot of rot around the trunk. I'm sad that it is gone because I love our aspens---we planted them maybe 8 or 9 years ago and they are beautiful. We had lost one a few years ago and now have three left.  Hopefully they'll all be OK.

Do you like fair isle?


Caffeine Girl said...

That sock is just gorgeous. And there is nothing quite like Koigu.
So sad about the tree!

kathy b said...

I LOVE your sock Kim. I also am a big koigu fan. One of my favorite fingerless are koigu.
Im so sorry about your tree loss. I Think we have to take a few more trees down that are dead on our property and NOT in the woods.

Go go go Fair isle

kathy b said...

I also saw some alpacas on some property in a suburb north of our old town in Illinois. (today) They were brown and so adorable and I thought of Calypso and TInk!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of Fair Isle, but I haven't tried doing it. Your colors are lovely together.

Happy knitting!

KSD said...

I like the looks of some Fair Isle, but will never knit anything with it. I don't do colorwork.

I had to have a tree taken down after the hurricane remnants blew through; what a fascinating process.