Thursday, November 16, 2017

Not much to look at--

--but it really is going to be pretty.

This is the 'Scarf of Dreams' and it is a cable and lace sampler scarf (well, it will be a cowl once it is done.) It consists of four different patterns--a lace and cable pattern, which is most of what is above, which gets placed between three other patterns. The first of these 'other' patterns is a candle flame pattern, and you can see that on the top third of the scarf.

It needs blocking, I know.

But this is good. The color is cheerful and the pattern is not overly challenging and there are only about 40 stitches OTK so it isn't taxing. I like it!

I had a nutty day yesterday and today have a search committee meeting (ugh). This is the craziest week of the term because everyone is trying to get stuff done before Thanksgiving (next week) and the last week of classes (the week after).

We're staying home for Thanksgiving and making cioppino. Monday is Tim's birthday and we're going out for tapas so it will be a good food week.


Anonymous said...

The yarn is SUCH a pretty color of red. This is going to be gorgeous once it is blocked out.

kathy b said...

I love that color you are playing with! The work week sounds crazy crazy! We had a deadline at the Barn and we made it!! I have been liking writing for them .