Monday, November 27, 2017

Post TG Quora

 * Do you know a rising star ?  Share their site please. does affordable gradients.
* Have you seen Santa out and about? Where? I haven't yet. But will keep an eye out!
 * Do you love Christmas lights? Absolutely!
*When did you last take yourself by surprise?  I'll have to think on that one....
* Have you recently  “found” a treasure that was one man’s trash?  No, but I really don't look a lot?
 * Do you love a movie filmed in your town or state? Animal House was filmed on the University of Oregon campus---I love it for that alone.
*Do you remember trips with knits? I do! I try to buy a skein when I'm traveling too.


kathy b said...

i was thinking on the okc ferris wheel when so high up looking over the city: how do they not have a yarn shop anymore? I love to bring yarn back from trips too

Anonymous said...

I try very hard to buy souvenir yarn too.

elns said...

Yarn souvenirs are the best. I can't help but feel that holiday spirit with Christmas lights hehe.