Monday, November 20, 2017

Pre-TG Quora!

1) Do you knit anything from memory without a pattern?
Yes, I can (and often do) knit a basic sock without a pttern.
2) What is your healthy goal for Thanksgiving through New Years Eve ?
Must I have a healthy goal? I'll pick making sure I get some exercise every day.
3)Have you ever given up on a yarn?
Many times. Chenille. It is the devil.
4) When you take a road trip, where do you stop for a snack or a meal?
That's a good question. We tend to avoid fast food places but sometimes you're just really hungry.
5) What is your favorite state to drive through? 
Oregon, then maybe Northern California.
6) Does anyone polish silver anymore?  
We have silver sleigh bells that we hang up at Christmas. They can get a bit tarnished, so I do try to give them a polish every few years.
7) Do you own a knit themed coffee mug?
I'm sure I own a few.
8) You have been asked to knit a scarf for a movie. What movie do you want your scarf in?
OH I don't know, now that the Harry Potter movies are over. Maybe one of the prequels to Harry Potter?
9) Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?
OH I COULD TELL YOU STORIES! I used to work on the Miracle Whip account (when I worked in advertising). I thought it was disgusting, but always had to eat it with a smile on my face. We tried using it in boxed potatoes once (now that is a food that should not exist, right?) and had to smile while we ate it even though it was disgusting.
10)Something you are thankful for today….
I'm thankful for Tim, my wonderful husband, and that he celebrates another trip around the sun today. Happy birthday Tim!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Tim and happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

elns said...

Happy Birthday to Tim. I'm thankful you two have each other in happiness!

I watched a friend knit a chenille blanket for another friend. It took her years. Yikes.