Friday, November 10, 2017

So this happened...

...and I'm not sure how.

I guess once the decreases really get going in the yoke it gets a lot smaller a lot faster. Also, once I finished the yoke I figured I might as well do the button bands (although I think I might use those clasps and not buttons) (#designfeature) (as I forgot the button holes)(oops).

Also I sewed the four short seams which were NOT FUN with that yarn which is basically like sewing with candy floss. And I even wove in the ends. Yes, readers, I WOVE IN ENDS which is basically my least favorite thing to do.

So now it is soaking and then, voila! Glaswegian! How about that?

I have a lot of this yarn (I just wrote a yot of this larn) and so I might do these felted clogs. They're seamless and cute and I think I could use up a lot of the leftover yarn, which is good. I liked knitting this but the yarn and its ability to fall apart if you look at it became tiresome. And who wants tiresome yarn? Not me!


kathy b said...

IM GOBSMACKED. O MY O MY . That is absolutely gorgeous. JUST beyond words Kim. SOMEDAY I'll try one . OH MY GOSH . Im going to keep staring at that sweater

Kim in Oregon said...

Thanks Kathy! It looks pretty good!

Anonymous said...

Truly lovely!!!!

That stranded work is just so pretty!