Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stealth FO

I haven't blogged about this project. It has primarily been a 'mindless' project and was a bit hard to photograph but yesterday it was completed and so here it is:

It's the Willow Cowl that is basically stockinette and mesh lace. I did finish it with a faux-picot edge (FOE-PICOE-FOE ha ha!).

Let's revisit the the to-do list, shall we?

1. Need to finish the neckline on black and white sweater and weave in ends. STATUS: still need to do this.
2. Need to finish the sleeve on the cable cardigan and weave in ends. STATUS: this is done and I have the buttons--need to put on buttons.
3. NUTKIN! Must Nutkin!
4. The sparkly blue scarf. That one is almost done.

5. The beaded scarf that is sitting in the knitting bag. STATUS: still sitting
6. Citron (I have watermelon colored yarn) STATUS: I did look at Citron and it looked boring.
7. Silver Storm (I"m sure I have some pretty yarn for this) STATUS:CAST ON!
8 Glaswegian I've already cast on for this. The yarn is--interesting.STATUS: still interesting.
9. I have to find some cable socks to knit because I love cables. Any ideas? STATUS; Liab
10. Those little baby bonnets (must finish baby bonnets).
 So I also want to add thes Fox Mittens to this list. And Norse--I have two sets of yarns for this. And a Christmas gift for Tim.

So I think we need to put this list away and start on a new list because yesterday I cast on for three things.

So here now is my list of projects on the needles:

1. Liab
2. Silver storm (the purple yarn, it has silver threads in it and is gorgeous).
3. Norse (the white yarn).
4. The Scarf of Dreams This is a new one. I ran across it somewhere--probably on a Rav group--and I love it. First, it is inspired by one of my favorite books, The Night Circus. Second, it is a sampler scarf meaning that there are several different patterns included in it. Third, the original scarf was red (as was the scarf in the book) and I had a hank of Wollmeise in a gorgeous red that is the exact correct yardage. So yay!

And in the wings waiting to be cast on:
1. Tim's Christmas gift
2. Norse in blue
3. The scarf with the beads.
4. Something with the watermelon yarn.
5. Fox mittens
6. House clogs
Hypnosis mittens

Yay for being organized!

Last night we watched "LaLa Land" and it was fine. Pretty much what I expected. I finished "The Whistler" by John Grisham and now am reading a book called "The Austen Escape".

Today it will rain all day and I will make chili.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Anonymous said...

A rainy fall day .... perfect for staying in and knitting on all the projects!
Happy organizing and happy knitting!

KSD said...

Briton adored "La La Land" --- he has a big ol' crush on Emma Stone.