Thursday, November 09, 2017

Thursday faces

Well, mostly two faces--Ann and Calypso. It was a lovely morning with the sun shining down and the alpacas happy to see me. OK maybe it was the apples, but Calypso came running when he saw me and I'll just think that he recognizes me and is excited that I'm there.

OH and look there are a few more faces there! This is Gracie (I think) and maybe Chanel.

He's about 53 pounds and his body looks very adult. He looks almost like a mini-Kokopelli at this point (body shape wise). He is very happy and playful still, and everytime I see him I am filled with love and peace. Lucky me!


kathy b said...

and each time you post a photo or video of him I am filled with wonder and Joy

Anonymous said...

He's such an adorable boy!

Caffeine Girl said...

Lucky you, indeed. Calypso is darling!