Thursday, December 14, 2017


This post is entitled 'almost' as it describes where I am in preparing for the holidays. There will be knitting content, I promise!

I'm almost done with cards (goal: in the mail on Saturday) and if you want a card from me please leave your address in the comments OR email your address to me at kbshee AT comcast DOT net. This is a once-in-a-lifetime card! Twinnie, yours is ready to mail. Kathy B! I need your address!

I'm almost done with decorating. We hung our silver sleighbells the other evening (we have a silver sleighbell from every year we've been married) and yesterday I bought the front door swag.

This is from a little florist called "Rhythm and Blooms" and we get door swag there every year. It is quite simple, just some addorted greens, some pinecones and a bow, but I like swags more than wreaths. And unlike other years, I didn't drop this one this year when I hung it (resulting in those red berries to fly all over the porch and the front entry, where they are eaten by a dog and THAT results in a call to poison control to see if I poisoned Pilot).  But that DIDN'T happen so all good.

And the decorating is almost done because we're working on a Gingerbread House and the instructions told us to let it sit over night once we put it together. It is now hard as a rock. I bought a kit at the grocery store and it has house pieces that are notched so they hold together well. BRILLIANT.

I almost have Christmas eve dinner planned---I went out to get the Roast Beast (tenderloin) yesterday and Tim butchered it a bit and put it in the freezer.

Other than that, I have finished Tim's present and will drop out birthday gifts for two friends with birthdays today and next Monday (they are related, the friends).

There has been knitting. This is a drop stitch cowl made with some STR with glitter in it, but neither the drop stitches nor the glitter show up particularly well.

 There is one spec of glitter seen above.

Yesterday I had a morning meeting with "my publisher" (that's so arrogant, isn't it? He's not really mine. He is a colleague who started a small academic publishing house and has published several books I've written, and I was his 'first' signed author so I call him 'mine'). Anyway. I have a manuscript that is just not..quite..right and we talked out the problems and came up with A Plan to fix the book. I probably need about two solid days to make the changes, so I can schedule those early on in Winter term before things get nutty. I also have a revise and resubmit due in January (I need to  make one last pass through that) and have two other pieces with March deadlines so that's my Winter term right there. But all things I want to do.

Now if I could just get through this bout of insomnia. That would be good.


Unknown said...

Insomnia is the worst! I've struggled with it my whole life. Meds help, but they are not as good as a natural sleep.

I think you're doing quite will with your holiday preparations.

kathy b said...

Kim, your swag is beautiful. Im glad you get such joy from it. I get so much joy reading everyone's posts this time of year. Everyone's decor is fun and ranges from simplistic beauty to WOW .
I'll email you my new address. THANK YOu.
Glad you and your publisher have a plan that sounds good to yoU!
Did I tell you how much I like your bangs grown out? You look great!

KSD said...

"Publisher" isn't so bad. "Literary agent" --- now that's pretentious.