Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Design thinking

Stay with me now.

While perusing one of the gazillion holiday catalogs that arrive these days, I got a hankering to knit another fair isle sweater (and no, I haven't woven in the ends on the black and white one). But not one that is all over fair isle. One that is just fair isle sleeves. 

So as I thought about it some more, I thought I'd love a raglan sweater, top down, with solid fronts and backs and fair isle sleeves--and I have some great cobalt blue yarn for the body (Cascade 220). I wondered: might I have enough colors of 220 in the stash---that would look OK with the blue--that I could use?

But first--how many colors do I really need? I looked at a few fair isle patterns (thank you Rowan, thank you Debbie Bliss) and found that the magic number seems to be 8 or 9. I thought 'oh there's no way I have that many different colors' and then dove into the stash.

The blue for the body is in the lower right hand corner. Above that is pink, then maroon, then white, then red.
The the side, from far left, is a purple red color, purple, kind of a dark purpley brown, and a dark pink.

Nine colors, my friend. Nine.

I kind of wish I had a skein of gold but I'm pretty sure that the colors I have are enough contrast and that they will work.

How about that? Now to wind the skeins and start knitting.

But first---I have stuff to finish, and another scarf and a hat to cast on for, and then this. So maybe Christmas week knitting?


kathy b said...

I love the idea of a fair isle sleeves sweater KIM!!!

You are an excellent knitter. I know it will turn out amazing

Delighted Hands said...

I've been in such a mood for Fair Isle, too! This will be lovely!