Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fresh Air

The two week air stagnation alert that we were under finally blew out (bringing in a bit of rain). The two weeks was unseasonably cold (below freezing, down to almost 20 at night, which is very unusual) and of course no rain. One challenging thing was there was a ban on fireplace smoke--we have a neighbor or two who (I think) only use fireplaces so they get put in a bad position during inversions---stay warm and pollute the neighborhood, or stay cold and keep the air clear?

Lots of randomness for you today on the blog:

Every so often we do a gingerbread house. This comes out of a kit that we got at the grocery store--it was a bit pricier than the Wilton kits but it had one big benefit--the sides were notched so the walls fit together really well. THey probably didn't even need 'cement' icing but we used it anyway.
This kit also has the most solid icing I've ever used. That gingerbread house is gong to withstand all kinds of geothermic activities. The candies included with the kit were varied, colorful, and tasted absolutely awful. I'll share some pictures of the sides later.

Here's the scarf I'm working on--it is knit in the round and I'm using Cascade 220 and something else for the white (maybe Paton's something). In a few rounds this will be all grey. One does two separate hunks of tubes of scarves and then they are grafted together.

Two different sides. You can see the position of the stitch marker changes.

Yesterday was the Las Vegas Bowl where our Ducks went down in flames to Boise State. What can I say? We had no running game. Time to close the book on this season and move on.

Last night we watched a movie called "The Queen of the Desert." It was interesting and good. Please do not confuse this with Priscilla, Queen of the Desert because it is nothing like that. The Queen of the Desert is the story of Gertrude Bell, who was a real person who spent time with the Bedouin and apparently was instrumental in establishing the post-Ottomon-empire in Arabia. It was interesting, as I mentioned, because we knew nothing about her and I know nothing about that part of the world (that is a huge lapse in my education, I know).  The movie, directed by Werner Herzog, was slow and kind of dreamy----Gertrude would go out into the desert with maybe four servants on camels, they'd be ambushed (for lack of a better word) by tribesmen on horses with guns, and then Gertrude would be invited to have refreshments with the Sheikh and they'd have a moment of insight together. This happened twice (three times?) in the movie and we both thought that there would be some violence at some point but nope. Just kind of dreamy desert stuff.

What was also interesting was that there were some highly recognizable actors in this movie. Nicole Kidman played Gertrude Bell, and she ages about 20 years in the movie (maybe less, not sure) but this was accomplished with a number of lens filters that softened out her face which I found highly distracting.  Don't get me wrong, she looks great, but she was playing 20-25 years younger than she really is in the film, so filters were needed and it was bothersome. Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory! Edward Cullen!) was Lawrence of Arabia (luckily we've seen the movie Lawrence of Arabia so we understood that part) (and I always am taken aback when R Patt speaks in his natural british accent because Edward Cullen!). And Soames, the guy from Billions and Homeland (have to Google his real name) (Damian Lewis, love him) was in it as one of several men who falls in love with Gertrude. James Franco was in it too, also as a man who falls in love with Gertrude.Anyway--if you need a nice, quiet, pretty, warm movie, this could be the one for you.

This post is already too long so I'll end it. One week til Christmas eve!!! But you knew that.


Anonymous said...

That cowl is beautiful and going to be super-warm!!!

I think if a wood-burning stove is your ONLY means of heating, there should be an exception for you. I hope there is. Being cold in your own house is NO FUN!

As for the candies .... aren't those SKITTLES on the front. I ♥ Skittles. They are the ONLY thing that got me through a 16 hour drive from Florida to Virginia.

elns said...

That tube o' knitting looks amazing! Werner Herzog is such an interesting filmmaker. I'm not ride or die for him, but I find his films an adventure, whether I end up liking them or not. I'll put this on the list.