Friday, December 15, 2017


I was excited to cast on for these mittens yesterday. First, I need mittens (I have gloves and fingerless mitts out the wazoo, but really have felt a need for mittens these days). Second, I love this pattern!!! Third, I like intricate little things because even if I mess up, fixing isn't hard.

And these are great to knit. Enough interest to pay attention, but enough repetition to make it soothing. And some interesting construction to boot!

First, you knit the fair isle cuff and then you start some ribbing above that. When you're done with the ribbing, it gets turned inside out to work on the rest of the mitten.

This is how it looks right now, before it is turned inside out.^^^^^^

And now I turn it inside out, and fold up the cuff, and--

There you have it. the yellow ribbing peeks through a bit.

These are a bit big but I think I can skinny them down a bit with blocking.

So I love them. The blue isn't quite as dark as it looks in this picture but it is a nice blue. And the white and gold are good too.

So yes, if you're counting, I have four projects OTN right now--Milet mittens, snowflake scarf, snowflake hat (you haven't seen those yet) and cabled socks. I think those cabled socks are my next focus to finish. But I really wanted to get these mittens going.

Other than that---outside lights are up and almost working correctly. We have laser projection lights and got some news ones with a remote control that needs a battery. Well, the batter is one of those vague, unpopular batteries and we had to order it on Amazon. It should be here today.

And cards are in the mail (box).

And so we progress. We've been under an air-stagnation warning for the past week or so, and it has been cold and clear with inversions which really affect me greatly (are we the only place in the world with inversions)? It is supposed to warm up today as a rainy system comes in, so I guess that will help. Off to the farm this morning too.


kathy b said...

Oh the farm! Hey I love your mittens Im trying to knit gloves again. I'm going slow. Its going well. Ha im only at the cuff. I love blues and yellows!

Anonymous said...

Those mittens are beautiful. I'll bet that double cuff makes them VERY warm.

We have inversion here in Philadelphia in the summertime. It makes the pollution a lot worse.

KSD said...

You couldn't have substituted black for the blue? No Vandy vibe?