Wednesday, December 06, 2017

More Magic (cowl)

All of a sudden, the magic cowl is quite a respectable length. There are basically six sections of this scarf. I'm done with four and working on the fifth now, so I am close to the finish line.

I have to say, this is a scarf I knit solely because 1. it was red and 2. it was inspired by one of my favorite books, The Night Circus, and if I had looked closely and noticed all the lace I would have probably skipped it. In my list of favorite things to knit, lace is--not on it. But I think I got distracted by the color and the inspiration and that I did see some cables in there.

This is the 'circles' section--fourth out of six:

 It needs blocking.

Here is the whole thing:

The whole thing needs blocking.

I'm awaiting the final five papers for the prospectus class and then I'll be done grading (although I've moved on to other, more interesting, work stuff so I'll just sneak those in when I can). I didn't get a lot of writing done this term and like many academics, the 'break' for me isn't really a break but rather a chance to get some good writing accomplished without a lot of distractions like students and meetings. While I kind of envy professors who turn in their grades and say 'see ya in January', I also kind of don't because the research and writing is my absolute favorite part of being a professor.

I have  a few kind of interesting studies that have managed to click together quickly, and that's nice too.


Anonymous said...

Such a pretty Christmas-y red. I'm guessing it will be finished up right soon and in plenty of time for the holiday.

kathy b said...

Al loves that book! She may have a tattoo involving words from that book. Your Cowl is so pretty!

elns said...

Oh I do love that book. Still, I can't with the lace. I swore it off for good reason, I don't think my temperament can take it.Your cowl looks great, especially in that color and that evokes the cover as well!

I'm really happy you enjoy multiple aspects of your job, especially the research and writing. It's so nice when you can find the things to appreciate about your work. It's definitely a special thing.