Sunday, December 03, 2017

Not this purple

This cowl is not as purple as it looks here:

It is really more browny-purple than purple purple, as shown here.

But regardless, this is the Silver Storm cowl by Casapinka and it is somewhat similar to 'One and Done' except it is a cowl. I haven't dropped the stitches yet, but there will be dropped stitches. And it isn't silver, but it does have silver thread in it! I think this might be STR with silver yarn in it.

If you know how to take photos of yarn with silver thread let me know, please.

Not much knitting happening--last week was the last week of classes and the upcoming week is one of grading and meetings. I did the wise thing of assigning the 'big' paper to be due before Thanksgiving, and during the last week the students gave presentations where they graded themselves (2/3 of the grade was the grade from the rest of the class). (FYI, they're easy graders). So all I have are the honors prospectuses (prospecti?) from the other class, and that class is pass/no credit, so I'm pretty much done.

At the end of last week I also dove into a "Revise and Resubmit" and got that done. I had a boring faculty meeting to attend but I spent the whole meeting reformatting references, so that's a good thing. So that's a big thing pretty much wrapped up as well.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had our ad major 'extravaganza' where students present their work around a central idea. It went well! We also got our tree yesterday morning, although it is sitting out on the patio right now.

One more Silver  Purple Storm photo:

Public Broadcasting is airing "Eight Days a Week"--Ron Howard's film about the Beatle's touring years, and we watched it last night. It was good. You should watch it if it is airing where you live.

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KSD said...

Ron Howard is sort of amazing. Briton and I discuss often how he never makes the same kind of movie twice.