Sunday, December 31, 2017

NYE Cast On Extravaganza

OK so maybe extravaganza is overpromising. But there are lots of new things on the needles, none of which look like anything remotely real, but you get to look at them anyway.

Mindless sock. I have no clue what yarn this is. I cast on and knit it while we drove over to the 'Building Site' yesterday (still can't call it a house yet as it is a bit more than a hole in the ground but not much more).

This is a mitten. Or a glove. Or a mitt. I'm not sure. But I knew I wanted to knit something bright for my hands after seeing Kathy's bright mitts.

This is the fair isle sleeve sweater that I'm just kind of making up as I go along. It takes lots of little balls of yarn, especially now. So there isn't much to see other than, well, I'm working on it.

You know that grey scarf? I'm going to call it done and make a cowl. Well, I have to knit on it a bit to make it done but I will make it a cowl. Life is too short.

Yesterday as alluded to we drove over to the coast and checked out the house progress. There's now a lot of concrete structures and the framing will start this coming week. Three deer were hanging around the property when we drove in. They didn't seem to want to leave and one, I swear, gave me nasty looks.

So Happy New Year!  We will have a festive evening of Mexican Meat Balls, "All The President's Men" and trying to stay awake. May yours be just as festive. And maybe a tad more.


Caffeine Girl said...

I can't believe you are making up a sweater, especially a Fair Isle. That is really impressive.

elns said...

Oooo lots of fun beginnings! Love the anonymous sock yarn. I love sock knitting. Yay for bright mitts! I'm with Caffeine Girl. Making up a Fair Isle sweater! You're wild!

KSD said...

You are so remarkable. I'm proud to be your twin.