Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Office hours

Here's my office, and my office mate, for today.

Not much news here, as I'm using the holiday break to catch up on a lot of writing projects and prep for class next term. We are on quarters, and I have a new prep next term and then ANOTHER new prep Spring term so I have to get on top of stuff fairly quickly. Plus, the book revisions (I'm trying to do a little every day) and manuscript deadlines (March!) that I"m trying to work on a bit at a time.

PLUS I have my 'post tenure review' (the first one I've ever had, and I've been tenured for (yikes) 17 years) and that just means putting a bunch of stuff together and writing a document that makes sense of it all. Not fun.

But on the fun news, I have one Milet done:

The pattern as written was way to big for my hand, so I skipped some of the 'rice' in the middle. It does need blocking (and that apparently is the story of my life) but I'll wait until I finish the second one. I like this a lot.

Yesterday I finished this mitten, finished one of Tim's gifts, and started on a fair isle hat using Koigu. I am not sure the colors I picked are going to work that well but I'll keep at it and we'll see. Pictures when there is something to see.

The plan today, once I finish working, is to make toffee and maybe those chocolate cookies that crack. I think it is going to be quite the Powdered Sugar Christmas.


kathy b said...

I;ll be right over then......

Caffeine Girl said...

That is the perfect office and office-mate!
Wow, tenured for years. My daughter is working on her Ph.D. It is a long path!

Anonymous said...

Love the little pop of yellow at the tip of the mitten.

I also love your office mate -------all office mates should be so perfect!