Sunday, December 03, 2017

Oh That Kathy

She is all full of questions, yet again. Shall we answer them?

Have you been to a night parade? 
I'm guessing--ready for it--that this is a parade at night. And I think the answer is no.
Do you know of a good sight for people who are eating gluten free? 
I'm guessing--ready for it?--that she's asking about websites for gluten free. And again, no.
Do you get tense when you knit things that require shaping thinking? 
HA! Sometimes I get tense. But my overall approach to knitting is 'it's only knitting--I can block the hell of out it."
Did you watch the Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary show?
No, but I bet Kathy did?
Do you listen to holiday radio or your own playlist or cd’s?
We have a bunch of Christmas music on our computers so we use this.
Have you used a deer deterrent?
Ha! No. Someone at the grocery store told me egg wash works. I always am worried they'll eat my tulips (as they did one year) but it hasn't happened for a while.
Do you taste the free samples at the grocery stores? 
No, not really, mostly because it is weird stuff.
Do you use a travel website to plan your trips? 
Depends, really, where we're going.
Have you purchased yarn since Thanksgiving?
How particular are  you about wrapping paper? 
Not at all! We wrap our gifts to one another in fabric. I order most of my other gifts online and have them shipped wrapped. We have a few things for friends that I wrap. But I should be more particular---I was a professional gift wrapper at Marshall Field's in Evanston when I was in college. I was trained well by my amazing boss, Jane Schwall, who believed gift wrapping was an art AND a science.


Anonymous said...

I never knew anyone that was a professional gift wrapper. Now I do!!! Cool job!

kathy b said...

YOU are so sweet to play along. Yes I do walk you into my answers dont i? hahahha.
Kim you have been one great supporter of the quora. Thank you for the fun run. I promise new fun in 2018