Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The day after

Happy Boxing Day! Our Christmas Eve and Christmas day were great mixes of activity and relaxation. Christmas Eve was a big cooking day---Tim made bread and got the beef in the sous vide bath; I made poached pears, spinach and mushroom stuffing, and twice baked potatoes. We then watched "Love Actually" and then went to bed where Comet joined us to sleep on top of the bed for the first time (she usually sleeps in her favorite place, oops second favorite place, her crate). Christmas morning was presents and breakfast and phone calls, then a long walk with the dogs, then an early dinner before we went out and looked at Christmas lights. Today we're headed over to friends' for brunch and then hopefully some down time.

Some alpaca and knitting gifts were thoughtfully provided by Santa:

An alpaca calendar, a book about alpacas and llamas, and Calypso! Amazingly, Tim found a perfectly miniature Calypso wtih both the tail and chin marks! (kidding on that. They were achieved with the help of a Sharpie).

Four books! I'm so excited to dive in and pick a project!

The dogs had 'indestructible' ginger bread men that lasted about ten minutes before Dr. Comet performed a squeakerectomy and then was exhausted from the effort.

Please note the missing arm on the gingerbread man, which is the proper way to perform a squeakerectomy.

Yesterday we also played the Oregon Trail card game (my first two cards: you have died of dysentary) and also a Celtic knot game that I had gotten for Tim. It was very fun.

I know from zipping around your blogs today that Christmas was eventful! Let the festivities continue!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww....such a sweet little STUFFIE Calypso!

Comet looks quite satisfied with his project to de-squeekerize Mr. Ginger.

I guess it is not too early -----------------wishing you a happy NEW YEAR!!!

kayT said...

Good work, Comet.

So, in this fun card game, you died on the second day (card)? Gee. Merry Christmas indeed!

kathy b said...

My kids LOVED THe oregon trail game. THeyd huddle by our old big first computer and yell out at me: Mom you ran out of supplies. You just died!
Happy Happy Calypso Christmas. What afun year ahead with your new house being built.
hugs. Happy knitting.

KSD said...

Masterfully done, BIL Tim!

I sure hope the gingerbread man has good insurance; squeakerectomies can get pricey.

elns said...

We watched Love Actually as well on Christmas Eve. Definitely supported the Christmas spirit.

The festivities have continued around here, but I need to work on keeping my positive spirits high. Much harder returning to work. hehe.