Saturday, December 09, 2017

This should work

I posted yesterday about my planned knitting, and today I wound the yarns necessary for said plans. The yarn for the beaded scarf is wound already,  as is the yarn for the Snowflake muffler (I don't have enough black yarn, but I do have enough grey yarn, and so it will be grey.) (Grey is probably better because cat hair). So those projects are ready to go. The yarn for the Milet mittens will come wound (I really want to make those NOW). And so the winding included:

 Cascade 220 for the fair isle sleeve sweater. The blue on the right hand side is the main color. I have ten colors here--I may not use them all but I probably will. I wrote the other day that I think I needed some gold in there but wasn't going to buy new yarn. Yesterday I did a deep dive into the yarn stash and found a ball of Cascade 220 Superwash which isn't the same yarn but I honestly think for the little gold pop of color I want for this it will work.

And then two more projects:

I keep forgetting I want to make the Pair of Foxes mittens and I had a few skeins of fox-ish yarn around and think I'll do it with this Louet Gems yarn. And then at the bottom is two skeins of Koigu for Elska.

I finished the Silver something cowl and just have to drop the stitches on it. And I'm 1/3 of the way through the final section of the Magic Cowl. So things are wrapping up!

So if I cast on for the mittens (one of the two pairs), the hat, and the sweater, and continue working on the muffler, that should be good for now. 

And I have to keep remembering I have to finish Tim's Christmas present. That will probably be next week's project.


Anonymous said...

Your needles are going to be smokin'!!!!

Have fun and HAPPY knitting!

kathy b said...

Kim your color choices are always spot on!!!

KSD said...

Make the fox mittens, and NEVER TAKE THEM OFF.