Monday, December 11, 2017

Two Quoras Before Christmas

Will there be a Christmas Quora? You'll have to keep checking Kathy's blog to find out.

You should go there anyway to see Miss Pie in her hat.

*Have you knit Christmas Ornaments or Hanukkah things?
Last year I knit the 12 days of Christmas mitten thing but honestly, I don't thinkthere are any knitted things on the tree. There are, however, handmade things on the tree--Tim's mom makes an ornament for all of her kids and grandkids AND now I guess Great grandkids every Christmas. That's 11 this year and 12 next year, so she cranks 'em ou.

This is one of my favorite ornaments--it is paper cut, incredibly delicate, about two inches high:

I also really like the rainbow one behind it--that came from a little shop in a little town in Colorado

*Have you seen a shooting star this year?
No--either too cloudy or too cold.

*What’s your preference:
cuckoo clock, digital clock, grandfather clock or a face with hands?

Hmm. I think a face with hands. We have a digital clock in our bedroom that I try not to look at because of my bouts with insomnia. We have a lovely grandfather clock in our living room that the bells are turned off because insomnia (time and bells start me down an obsessive vortex that doens't help with sleeping).

*Do you prefer chex mix for cereal or snack mix?
I've never been a big Chex person, but I do love some snack mix.

*Is you milk expiration date before or after 12/25? (see I am running out of questions!)
Pretty sure it expires before but I just got up to check. Best by 12/13 (note to self--buy milk).

*Name a bird you’d love to see in the wild-A kiwi bird!

*What is the last color you knit with? Oh this is boring--grey and white. I am doing that fair isle scarf and the last round had grey and white. Probably the last color--officially---was white.

*Do you know anyone who BELIEVES in The big Red Guy?
I'm sure I have kids of colleagues who still do!

*Do you have any solar decorations?
We have yard lights that are solar and so rarely shine now since it is winter.

*Mrs. Claus is knitting something for you. What is it?
A cashmere tube that I can snuggle down in.


Anonymous said...

That little Santa face is too, too cute!

kathy b said...

the paper cut ornament is stunning. Thanks for always playing Q and A. The milk question was so silly. But we had fun with itright?

elns said...

Whoa, she makes one every year for everyone? Holy hotpants, not only does she crank it out, she cranks out beautiful pieces!

KSD said...

"Kiwi"! You're adorable.