Thursday, December 07, 2017

Updates and plans

I've done a bit of work on the second Liab, and it is progressing well.

As a bunch of things are finishing up at the moment, it is time to think about what comes next.

First, I'm definitely going to make Milet mittens--I ordered yarn from Knitpicks and these will cost something like $9 to make. Awesome! And so pretty. It is quite chilly these days (December in Oregon) so these will be welcomed.

The Snowflake Muffler might get cast on and worked on this weekend, as this will be 'mindless knitting' for much of it.

Also on the list is elska, which I'll make with one skein of solid Koigu and one skein of patterned.

And there's also that beaded cowl pattern that I promise myself I'll work on.

And finally, the Fair Isle Sleeve sweater, and I've already found the fair isle pattern I'll be using (it's from these Fair Isle cuffs.

As you might recall about me, I like to cast on for ALL THE THINGS at one time, and I'll probably do that over the break. But first I must WIND ALL THE THINGS which is not that fun.

On the Christmas front:
-I downloaded two recipes--one for crescent almond cookies from the Viking Cruise line website (I guess they're---Norwegian??) And then those brownie cookies that get crackly and you dust powdered sugar on the top. I will also make toffee again.

-The tree was purchased last Saturday and we brought it in last night and Tim put lights on it. It smells AMAZING. There is a Christmas tree shortage in Oregon (is there one at your house??) and even last Saturday it was pretty picked over at the place we go to get our tree (it isn't really a tree lot, it is a garden center that does trees at Christmas). The Tree Lot Guy said that the lot ran out in mid-December last year, so a lot of people came in during Thanksgiving weekend to get their tree because they were worried they'd sell out. So it is a bit wonky, our tree, but we still love it.

-Tonight we're going to the symphony where the program is Handel's Messiah. I have never heard the whole thing through so I'm looking forward to it. My friend Tim W. (as opposed to my Tim) is singing in the chorus. It should be beautiful!

Three papers left to grade, or shall I say I'll grade them if/when they are turned in. Tomorrow I have to attend the PhD students' preliminary dissertation proposal (I have two presenting) and hopefully they'll go fine.


Anonymous said...

If you look around, there doesn't seem to be a tree shortage, but I think I heard something about that on our local news.

We don't do a tree, so I really didn't think much about it. Glad you got one before they ran out.

Caffeine Girl said...

Such great patterns! I see they are part of an e-book. I have never knit an Isolda pattern. Maybe now is the time?
There is a tree shortage here, too, but I see plenty around town so far.

kathy b said...

You fascinate me. I could NOT cast on for more than one project at a time. WOW.
The concert sounds just wonderful ENJOY it.
What is Calypso doing for Christmas?