Tuesday, December 12, 2017


  • Winding UP: grades are in, syllabus for next term is done and printed, the first few weeks of class are pretty much ready to go, and so I can wave goodbye to the teaching obligations of my job.
  • Writing UP: I am almost done with a revise and resubmit for one paper, and am through the 'hard part' of another paper (just have the discussion to write up). Yesterday I spent the morning cutting 1050 words out of a 4500 word paper, co-written with one of my former PhD students. Lucky for me, his writing is a bit 'flowery'.
  • Soaking UP: I finished the Magic Scarf (well, the knitting part) and here is the last section.
          It badly needs blocking and I have a dilemma. The scarf is almost eight feet tall, and I have       no  where to lay it out. So I think instead of blocking with wires I'll have to steam iron block it. Not great,    but I think my only choice. I did give it a bath and it opened up quite a bit, so that's nice. I also have the drop stitch cowl in the sink right now since that one is done too.
  • Warming UP: I've kept up taking a two+-mile work every Tuesday and Thursday with the dogs--we leave at about 7am. Usually by this time I've given up on the walks because of rain, but it hasn't been a problem this year. What is hard is that December is usually our coldest month (what is UP with that?)  and this December is no exception. I keep reminding myself that when I lived in Chicago and Boston, I went JOGGING if it was above 20 when I woke up. So walking the dogs in 26 degrees weather shouldn't be that hard. But it is. It is cold! But they like it a lot, I guess lots of good smells.
  • Gearing UP: now that school is done I guess it is time to get going on Christmas. Gifts are done but not wrapped. Tree is UP and decorated. Cards are in progress. I have printed out cookie recipes and plan to shop for cookie stuff today. 
  • Catching UP: on reading! I have a few books in the works--"Under Sea, Over Sky" because the second book is set during Christmas and I thought that might be a good Christmas book. The new prequel to His Dark Materials. But I'm fascinated---FASCINATED--by Tina Brown's "Vanity Fair Diaries". She was the editor of VF when I was involved in advertising (and hence tangentially to the publishing industry) and had seen at some luncheon or another many of the people she mentions. So it's fun.
  • Knitting UP: I'll have lots to show in the days to come. Obviously I've finished the Magic Scarf and the cowl. I have cast on and have worked the 'hard part' for the snowflake scarf. I have cast on for a hat. I'm hoping the mitten yarn comes today so I can cast on for that. Today's goal: finish Tim's Christmas gift.
  • So I think that WRAPS UP this UPdate. What's UP with you?


Anonymous said...

How about blocking it in sections (wetting only the portion you can fit). Would THAT work?

Kim in Oregon said...

Dee--yes, that might work! BRILLIANT!

kathy b said...

You are getting lOTS done KIm!! Glad school is under control. ON with the holidays!
Will Calypso be seeing Santa?? Will you be seeing Calypso?

Kim in Oregon said...

Yes--I will visit him tomorrow and next week for sure!