Monday, January 01, 2018


Happy New Year!

I was reminded when I started reading posts this morning that often people pick a word for the year. I think I did it last year but I don't think it 'stuck'. But I have a word for this year. The word is...


There are lots of definition of flow, and all of them are good (and good to think about obtaining). This is the one that really hits me:

"to deform under stress without cracking or rupturing used especially of minerals and rocks"

In addition, these are good to:
-to move with a continual change of place among the constituent particles  
-to hang loose and billowing 
-to be so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter 

I often let anxiety freeze me up, and that's not good. I also can crack and rupture easily. So I'm going to try to flow much, much more this year.  So look for me continually changing my place among all you constituent particles.

To begin, I pivoted on the scarf and made it into a hat.

It's actually a pretty cute hat.

Last night Tim made an amazing Mexican feast (ceviche and mexican meatballs, I made guacamole) and then we watched "All the President's Men". Tim had never seen it, I haven't seen it in years. I think every journalism student needs to see it, especially for Robert Redford's search through phone books for someone's phone number and his dialing of a rotary phone to talk to them.

It was also interesting to watch it given the recent interest in the film with "The Post" featuring Katherine Graham and "ATPM" having only one (I think) mention of Katherine Graham, which is not very nice.

Pilot freaked out at fireworks, and both dogs ended up in bed with us for much of the night. It got a bit crowded. But it was nice.

I am lacking a thumb, but this will be done today:

I'll spend the morning packing away the holiday (sad face). I hope this was a lovely holiday for you.



kathy b said...

Okay good word for you KIM! For me FLOW means one thing: menstruation. hahahhha did I give you your first blog laugh of 2018?
Your hat is amazing

Anonymous said...

Love how you turned your knitting into a hat. It's lovely.

elns said...

Flow is a great word! I am often a victim of analysis paralysis which turns into anxiety of one form or another. I fully support flow and will try to keep some going in my life too.

Love the pivot from scarf to hat and YES, the hat looks great. I would wear the heck out of it. Knit happy!