Sunday, January 07, 2018


Thank you for your comments on the six yarn pattern ideas. While I was really, really hoping that you all would pick #4 (and I realize I'm a grown up and can do #4), as I thought about it on this day before classes start, I decided that you all know me pretty well and so yes, another Silver Storm cowl has been cast on. I have double the stitches so I can drape it around two or three times, and I am off and running on it.

I started with black. there are six colors total: Black,  light yellow, silver, dark blue, light blue, gold. Those are the colors gong clockwise starting with the black ball with the needles through it. What order should I go in? I was originally thinking: Black, dark blue, light blue, silver, light yellow, gold but am open to suggestions.

The theme of these yarns (from Loopy Ewe) is "Starry Night" and MOST INTERESTINGLY I did a Facebook Quiz that told me that the painting that best represented who I was is:

So if I follow this, I think Id go black, dark blue, light blue, yellow, silver, gold.
Or I could flip the yellow and the silver. Oh, that's what I originally thought I'd do.

Your thoughts on the order?

I finished two books since my last post: "A Gate at the Stairs" (sad) and "Why We Came to the City" (sad sad sad).  So if you want a sad book, there you go. I wouldn't go out of my way to highly recommend either of them.

Back to work on Monday! Argh.


Anonymous said...

Those colors work perfectly together. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one come along.

kathy b said...

I'd keep the brightest gold or yellow next to the darker color, but what do I know?? :)