Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Back at it

Classes started again and I went from my floaty happy la la la it is break and I'll do a little bit of work here and there to WHAM. WHAM WHAM WHAM.  I guess I should have done a bit more but at least finishing the edits on the book put me in a good position to deal with the onslaught that has begun.

For some reason, I'm Popular--as in Committee Popular, which means I keep getting invited to meetings. I've been Not Popular for a few years because of my disagreements with PTB at the UO, but apparently those days are over. So I have a slew of committee meetings, plus two search candidates coming in during the next two weeks for the search Im' chairing, and class of course. I just found out that the person who 'staffs' the search (arranges all the details) is off getting her hand fixed so I'm not sure what happens with the little details. It is someone else's problem, I'm not sure who though. I'm going to try not to worry about it.

I have divided for the arms:

I tucked in all the ends. So now it is nonstop stockinette, although I guess I could work on the sleeves if I'm bored or something. Which isn't likely.

Last night Tim and I had to pick out doors for the house we're building. Do you know how many doors there are out there to pick from? Lots and lots and lots of doors.


kathy b said...

OH boy. Reentry is often a bitch right?
I love the sweater progress and I adore endless stockinettte. So enjoy for me.

Many many doors. Pick a door you love~

Anonymous said...

I hate when real life gets in the way of the fun stuff.

As a matter of fact ... I do know how many doors there are. LOL But, in our case one really stood out as THE door.

Have fun with the details and don't let it get too overwhelming.