Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bunch of stuff

I had planned a big 'catch up' post for yesterday but then we made a last minute decision to go see the house-in-progress: the rain that had been predicted seemed less dire and we decided we'd rather have a day at home today than Saturday---anyway, blah blah blah, we went over to the coast to see the house. The outside and some of the inside is framed in, and the house is covered and the shingles are there, ready for the roofers.

 The stairs aren't in yet, but Tim climbed up to the top floor to check out the view and the framing of the upstairs (where most of the living space will be).

 It looks like a real house now.
The side of the house, with two doors--the closest one to the downstairs apartment, and the 'front' door under the awning to the left of the car.

So all is well with the house, although it seems like construction will slow down a bit now.

A few bits and bobs:

  • I'm reading "Saints for All Occasions" by J Courtney Sullivan--I really like her and I'm really liking this book. I had tried starting it over the study but for whatever reason it didn't 'take' but now I'm into it.
  • We watched "Victoria and Abdul" last night. It was good, but probably a bit long.  
  • We're also watching "Detectorists"--the third season--I think on BritBox. Such a charming and quiet little show.
  • I did a bit of winding yesterday. I'm almost done with the body of the blue sweater, which means almost time for the fair isle sleeves. Yay! But I was almost out of the blue yarn. So:
    The two sweater balls are on the right hand side. On the left, from the top is "Reva" (I think) from Dashing Dachs--I think these will be mitts. The middle one is 'Starry Night" as is the bottom one, but from two different companies. The middle yarn is Rogueish Charm and the bottom is Dragonfly Fibers. I think I'll do something with the middle one, and that something might be a Casapinka pattern, but I have to go loo for one.


kathy b said...

I LOVE your house progress photos. How incredibly exciting for you two!!!! Keep them coming. I love all blue yarns so I like your Starry night very much

Anonymous said...

That bottom left yarn is so, so pretty!

Your house is coming along nicely. Will you rent out the bottom apartment, or is that for guests?

Kim in Oregon said...

The bottom apartment is for guests (and office!).

elns said...

Wow, don't laugh but it reminds me of a Richard Scary book I loved as a kid that showed the builders making a house. So cool!

I love how your knitting is matching your blog background :)