Thursday, January 04, 2018

FO, WIP and Input Requested!

Today seems to be kind of a crazy weather day around the country, so stay warm and be safe! I'm looking out the window right now at the sun on the clouds, even though we're expecting rain rain rain for the next several days.

Break is almost over and I've done more of some things (work) and less of some things (knitting and reading) but it has still been a good one.  I had an Annoying Work thing yesterday but I remembered to try to flow with it, and it went OK.

These are done and blocked (but still a bit wet):
I have yarn to make a hat to match but I'm not sure I'm going to, at least not right away. I don't need another hat, and I have a few other stranded projects in the works so I'm not eager to jump back on that bandwagon.

Speaking of which:

I know this doesn't look like much but trust me when I tell you there is a lot of blood, sweat and(mostly) tears in here). This is the first almost-30 rows of the fair isle sleeved sweater that I'm vamping on. Right now it all has to be knit in the round (probably another 20 or 30 rows) and that is really kind of a pain because I have so many ends. Anyway, though, this is fun and it really goes pretty quickly, considering,  it will be nice and warm and  happy and bright.

Finally, I need some input. While cleaning the guest/craft room, I found this set:

110 yards of six yarns--fingering. I love the colors (and yes, they are very similar to the hat) and I want to do some type of cowl or scarf. Here are my current options:

1. Casapink cowl because I love Casapinka. This one is pretty much 'mindless knitting' which I'm not in too great of a need for mindless knitting, especially once I divided the sleeves from the body in the sweater (above).
2. Gravity Shawl because I love samplers. The downside is that I'm not a huge shawl fan, this shawl was written for DK and while I'm ok with doing it in a different yarn, it may not look great and finally, I'm not sure I have enough yarn for it.
3. Double the cast on for the Silver storm cowl and use all six yarns. It'll be pretty and I'll get a lot of wear out of it. It is semi-mindless knitting (see #1).
4. Make up my own pattern from the gorgeous book Japanese Knitting stitch bible. This would be a challenge because these patterns are pretty complex, and if I take it on as a sampler I could try lots of different patterns and even if I mess one up I can rip it back and start again (note to self: lifeline). Downside is it would take longer and I'd have to decide which of the 100s of motifs go together.

What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

The 3rd option --- you say you'll wear it often and it is only semi-mindless.

I would have gone with #4 if you were on break. But, with starting a new semester with new students, etc..., it might be a bit much. Working that up on a break-time would be a better option, in my opinion.

The mitts look fantastic!

elns said...

I'm going with 1 or 3. based on your mindset I'm going with 3 first. The mitts look fabulous, but I understand the lack of desire to make a hat. knit where the joy is. Way to go with the flow. Supporting you from afar, Kim.

Vera said...

Beautiful mittens! I say #4 - no rush, just enjoy the process. Have fun with it. Make it your own!!

kathy b said...

FOr me, I'd say knit the silver storm cowl. You said you d get a ton of wear out of it. That would be the deciding factor for me. Do whatever makes your heart be light with this fun find of your stash. and where are our calypso pictures Lady?

Kim in Oregon said...

I saw Calypso yesterday but forgot to take pictures!!!

KSD said...

The Gravity Shawl. Samplers AND chevrons.