Monday, January 22, 2018


I really wanted something new and non-mindless to cast on for, given that I planned to watch some football yesterday. I had a skein of yarn that I really wanted to use for a shawl/scarf, and the shawl I wanted to do (Gravity) required more yarn (much) than the skein I had. So do you find yarn for the pattern, or a pattern for the yarn? Well, I found both---the pattern for the yarn wasn't non-mindless (initially) enough, so I cast on for Gravity.

The pattern calls for thicker, dk yarn, but I have enough Wollmeise that I can make the shawl bigger and it should work out just fine. Yes, I had Wollmeise in the stash---and even better ALREADY WOUND UP WOLLMEISE and it looked good so Gravity is a go!

So one color is black (obviously) and the other color is a black-green-yellow-gray variegated. These really aren't 'my' colors but they are 'duck' colors and I think it will be quite striking. I pretty much wear black all the time anyway in the winter and this is a good thing to wear with black.

In the lower picture, you can see three different 'patterns' in the variegated stripes--the top one ois a broken rib, then a moss stitch, then a slanty cable pattern which is really hard to see.

I like this. It is fun.

Other than that, it was a rainy weekend that we mostly stayed in for. We watching "Loving Vincent" Saturday night which was amazing--it is animated all in the style of Van Gogh, trying to 'solve' the mystery of Van Gogh's last days. I finished "La Belle Sauvage" and was reminded how British 'kids' books can be so, so much darker than US kids books (dismemberment! fairies suckling infants! animal(ok daemon) abuse!) I was kind of glad when it was over.


Anonymous said...

I read a German fairy tale one time where they cut off the sister's finger to use as a key to open a lock.

Now THAT'S the stuff of nightmares for sure.

Have fun with your new project. It looks beautiful so far.

kathy b said...

If you wear black often that shawl will get lots of use. Im shawling again. Mindless this time. I have two skeins sitting in my stash that I'm going to ask to play nicely with one another. We are expecting some storms (thunder) I love them and snow afterwards. The horses were soaking wet after a long rain this morning. I much prefer them with snow coats.

Vera said...

Love the shawl beginnings. And, I just checked out that pattern on Ravelry since I hadn't heard of it - it's now in my library. I've been thinking about another shawl...this might just be the one! Love the green variegated with the black - will look lovely with a black outfit.

KSD said...

Are you sick of me complimenting your color choice talent yet? The stripes are, as you say, striking.

"Loving Vincent" has intrigued me from the start. I really need to get on the stick and see it.

elns said...

Your Duck colors are showing lady. It's fantastic. Enjoy your knit and weekend. I need some fun knitting this weekend. I'm going for the smaller version. Socks bien sur. Yes, original European fairy tales are fairly scary. Good stuff.