Saturday, January 06, 2018


I'm part way through a bunch of things.  I kind of don't like to be partway through, but I keep remembering it is the journey, not the destination, right? It is all about the flow. (Stop it Kathy).

(BTW, I got a nice surprise in the mail  yesterday when Kathy sent me a card with a really cute pattern in it. Thanks Kathy!! I love the slipper pattern!).

 OK anyway, I'm almost half way through these mittens:

I wanted to knit a bright pair of mittens and I know this photo doesn't look that bright, but trust me--the colors are teal and purple and white and brown. I'm not using a pattern--it's really just a tube knit in 2x2 ribbing with a thumb gusset and a little decrease at the top. It's sock yarn and pretty lightweight, but kind of just what I need since our weather is (sorry) pretty moderate in the winter.

And there is a sock:

This is just a plain sock but I did do a little detail (here it is on the back):
There's a little tiny twisted stitch that wraps around the leg. Just to break things up.

I'm not sure what this yarn is either, it was already wound up in the stash, and seems thicker than other yarns so will make a nice warm sock. EVen if we have moderate weather, we have wet weather and my feet get cold often!

I'm also partway through several books, because I don't have the focus (apparently) to finish one.

  • "Why We Came to the City" is the story of four college friends who move to New York and have to grow up very, very quickly. I like it, the writing is good and the characters are interesting.   There's a Serious Illness here so if those types of stories upset you, this novel is probably not for you.
  • "A Gate at the Stairs" is about a college student who serves as a nanny for a mysterious family. It isn't a mystery, it is just that the family obviously has secrets that effect the student's life in interesting ways. It's a first person narrator that is interesting.  
  • "The Fifth Gospel" is a fictional story about someone who knows the secret of the Shroud of Turin and groups don't want the secret spilled.  Kind of a Dan Brown wannabe.
  • "Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten" because royalty.
  • "The Book of Dust"--I saved this one to read over Christmas and then I forgot to read it. Will get back to it--this is by Philip Pullman and is a prequel to the "His Dark Materials" trilogy.
I did finish:
  • The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey. This is a murder mystery set in a small town in Australia. It was pretty good, as small town mysteries go--kind of dark but not too much, and lots of secrets that get revealed.
  •  Chemistry, a Novel by Weike Wang. This is a short funny novel about an Asian PhD student who questions her whole path in life. I liked it. 
  • Nevermore: I think I did write about this one--I will try any book described as "the next Harry Potter" and this book is in contention, although it seems a bit derivative in places.

Does having a group of unfinished books make you crazy, or do you like to go in and out like I do?

Kathy asked for Calypso pictures--I was over there on Wednesday and forgot :-( to take some pictures. He is starting to eat pellets but really hasn't grown a lot. His fleece is gorgeous, it wobbles when he runs!


Anonymous said...

How is Daughter of the Empire? Are you liking it???

Who couldn't fall in love with a wobbly alpaca baby???

Vera said...

A wobbly critter is always fun. I'm in the midst of several books and several projects...nice to know I have company!

kathy b said...

So I just have to imagine his Calypso swagger?
Okay. I can do that?
I Love the mitten. I really love the sock swirl.

Chemistry sounds fun. I may have to read it!

elns said...

I think the mitten looks totally cheerful and bright. Any brighter is bonus! You know, I'm a sucker for socks, and really look at you getting all fancy, jazzing it up with a decorative twist! Nice.

Thank you for the book reviews. I'm hoping to read and listen a lot more this year, nothing specific, just more :) You know, Kathy's flow. hehe.