Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Faces

It was a glorious day yesterday--sunny, warm, dry. Tim and I did a quick visit to the farm, and there are some new faces there! I wanted you to meet them.
Mama Llama, who has been re-styled (as the British Monarchy says) Marigold. She is HUGE! She is huge and she is constantly ON THE JOB! Lllamas often serve as guard animals for other herds---alpacas, goats, sheep, they'll guard them. In the time we were there yesterday, all the alpacas were grazing and Marigold was guarding, the entire time. She arrived on Thursday and by yesterday was the official guardian of the ladies. I couldn't get too close to her--maybe three feet--but Ann has been able to get close to her and pet her. She needs a good haircut. She is really majestic.

This is Autumn Sun (and there's another Autumn Sun at the farm already, so I'm not sure exactly how that will work out). She is a 24 year old beauty and seems to be in excellent health. She's very friendly--I was able to pet her and speak with her.  Very calm, and the other girls are unfazed by her presence.

The other alpacas were all enjoying the beautiful day. We brought out carrots and apples, but now that they have grass they just aren't that interested. Here is my big boy, Atom, in the center:

To the left, with schmutz on his face, is Troubador and behind him (the brown one) is Gryffin. The butt belongs (I believe) to Sorrento.

Tink, as usual, was happy to see us.

Kokopelli was interested in everything going on.

Who else? Who am I missing?

Oh yes, this little guy. He's almost 70 pounds!

And now you have to sing, out loud, "ahhhhhh"--like the heavens are opening up!


Oh, and I finished the mittens.


Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Calypso looks like he enjoys having his picture taken.

ery nice mittens --- They look like they will be very cozy!

kathy b said...

That made my Monday morning! calypso is turning out to be so unique and so beautiful! we couldnt have imagined him so wonderfully!

elns said...

Oh cuteness! Just what I needed! I want to pet Atom. It's silly not silly, but seeing these cute animals and reading about the sweetness of it all ... reminds me of the good in the world. I really really needed that.

The mittens turned out fabulously!