Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Stealth Knitting

I worked on this gift for Tim in secret and then forgot to take a picture of it once he opened it Christmas morning. It is the Hungry Horse Hat that I bought as a kit from the Knit and Needle Yarn Shop in Whitefish, Montana--a little shop I visited several years ago when we were on vacation there. The pattern itself is available at the Rav. The kit is great because the yarn is really, really soft, you get just the amount you need, and the colors are already matched. It did knit up a bit big and then when I blocked it, stretched out a lot so I ended up washing it in the machine and then drying it and now it fits nicely.

Look closely and you can see the three colors--the brim (golden brown), the 'mesh' middle (kind of a variegated) and the top (a dark dark blue). The website has some other cute combinations--the yarn is their own Stumptown DK and the mesh color is called "Man Cave".

What else? Yesterday was a quiet day--Christmas came down and was put away, football was watched, leftovers were eaten. Tim went back to work today and I took the dogs for an early morning walk. I would guess that about half of my neighborhood put the holidays away and the rest are still celebrating. January 1 sounds about right to us.


Anonymous said...

That is the perfect Man-Hat! Looks like Tim agrees.

elns said...

I like the different textures, but it's not over the top. Looks good! I would not need any of the extra washing and fussing because my head is ginormous. HUGE HEAD I HAVE. So this might be the pattern for me. hehe.

kathy b said...

That hat is just fantastic Kim. I LOVE the pattern. Tell me if the brim keeps it in place. I'd be nervous about a non ribbed brim. He looks great in it