Monday, January 15, 2018

This and that

I have a bunch of stuff to catch you up on. Ready?

  • READING #1: Dee (I think) asked how "Daughter of the Empire" was. Well, at that point, it was a little---dull. Lots of 'growing up with my ponies' stuff. But then--it got interesting. The memoir is by Pamela Mountbatten Hicks, and her father was 'Dickie' Mountbatten and she was a bridesmaid for Queen Elizabeth and yes, her life was interesting. Once WW2 hit she was sent to NYC to live with the Vanderbilt family! Then she went to India during repartition! Then she was a bridesmaid for QE! Then she was a lady in waiting during the tour where QE became QE and then once again when QE resumed the tour! The story pretty much ends when she stopped being a Lady-in-Waiting and the death of her mother, and I hope there's another one. I had to stop several times and google things like repartition and the relationship of Indira Gandhi to Mahatma Gandhi (spoiler: there isn't one)  and how Pakistan was formed and all the things that were lacking in my education. Anyway--I liked it, obviously.
  • WATCHING #1: THE CORONATION on the Smithsonian Channel. Did you see it? It's an hour long interview with the Queen and others who participated in the coronation, along with some historians talking about the Crown Jewels. It was so interesting! And I'm a huge anglophile so I'm probably a bit prejudiced but I really liked it. The Queen! She's snarky! 

  • I knit a bunch of stockinette--the body of the sweater is about halfway done. 
  • READING #2: "A Secret History of Witches" by Louisa Morgan. This is a literary fiction story about five generations of women who are witches in France and England--the story starts maybe in the early 1800s? Anyway--it is really well written and also interesting to think about what happens when we try to  hide who we are. In retrospect, the women in the story don't really do a lot of witchcraft--mostly they concoct a love potion that really messes up their life. So in retrospect, the book is really more about being different than being a witch. Oh, and by the way, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was a witch and formed a coven to fight Hitler. That was kind of a bridge too far for me. But hey, apparently it was a royalty weekend for me.
  • WATCHING #2: Have you ever watched "Chef's Table" on Netflix? It's really interesting.
  • I love Alice Starmore's patterns, and I saw she has a new book coming out called Glamourie. The cost is $60, and amazon doesn't even have a preview of the patterns. They're also not up on Rav. I am eager to see them. The description refers to them as 'costumes'. 
  • Here's a close up of the sleeve. So many ends. So so so so many ends.


Anonymous said...

I may have to check out that book. I've found so many to put on my to-be-read list these last few weeks.

I think the winter weather is keeping the bloggers in and reading. LOL

kathy b said...

YOUR sweater is GORGEOUS. Alice Starmore....always a great read and knit .
Im impressed with Senator Booker blasting the DHS chief today. I hope academia is really disgusted with this current sadness in the white house