Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Where were you six months ago?

I know where I was--welcoming this little guy into the world.

Happy Six Months Birthday to the Duke of Calypso! You are handsome and brave and spirited and happy. I'm so fortunate you have a great Nana Ann at Aragon Alpacas who loves you just as much as I do. You have friends and family who put up with your shenanigans. You are 73 pounds of fun. Happy happy six months birthday!


kathy b said...

Ay Calypso we sing to your spirit . JOhn Denver!!! I want to see him with a knitted bandanna on. Running around

elns said...

Happy Birthday DoC! Still so cute. Wishing you many more happy shenanigans with friends and family hehe.

Anonymous said...

You know, Kim .... I think you are the only person I know with a pet ALPACA!!! He is just too cool for words.

Happy half-year little guy!