Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Catching up

Does it seem like I'm always catching up? It does to me! But finally, all my 'big' obligations for the term (the search and the accreditation visit) are finished (and the term is half-finished too!). Hopefully I'll get some writing time in the next few weeks.

Here's a catch up:

Sunday. SUPER BOWL! Congratulations to the Eagles, what an amazing game. As a former Bostonian, it was hard to watch. And I just heard that Gronk's house was robbed when he was at the Super Bowl. Anyway, I digress. The game was so good that I had to stop knitting on the fair isle sweater after half time since I couldn't focus on both the game and the sweater!

Super Bowl Sunday is also sort of a 'work day' for me as I was taking notes on the ads I wanted to talk about in class (not a great ad day for the Super Bowl).

Monday. ACCREDITATION DAY! We had to go to a 7:30 breakfast and then sit in our offices til 4pm because the accreditors might come by to chat. I did get a lot done, and met with several students, but it was a long and intense day with no fresh air.

Tuesday. ACCREDITATION DAY PART 2! I went in, worked, taught, had two meetings, and that's it!

Reading: I'm now reading three books (must. focus.). "An American Marriage", "By the Book" and "The Price of Illusion". "AAM" is the new hot book (Oprah's book club, etc) that so far is good. "By the Book" is about a faculty member up for tenure whose college president is HER FORMER FIANCE and that would never happen in real life because Presidents don't really grant tenure, do they?, plus it might be too precious. "TPOI" is a memoir by Joan Juliet Buck, who had Quite the Life. She was a Vogue editor and best friends with Anjelica Houston and all kinds of things.

And here is the sweater:


kathy b said...

Um that sweater is WOW. Just WOW. The fair isle sleeves absolutely make it. NICE JOB KIM

Vera said...

Your sweater looks amazing! gorgeous!!

Caffeine Girl said...

The Fair Isle on your sweater is gorgeous!.
For me, every school day is 7:30 to 4 or later -- with me running around the building for much of the day. I do get in a lot of steps, so it's not all bad!

Kim in Oregon said...

I think the hard thing for me on Monday was the "YOU MUST BE IN YOUR OFFICE ALL DAY" mandate. I was anxious anytime I even went to the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

I did like the ad for Ram trucks with the Vikings turning around. I thought visually it was well done and well ----------as a Philadelphian I had a little chuckle.

Prior to that game, EVERYONE on television said we were going to be out of it. Guess we showed them. NEVER can't out a ticked-off Philadelphian. LOL

Thanks for the book recommendations. And can we talk about that sweater -----wow! Those sleeves are beyond beautiful!

elns said...

Yeah the ads were meh. I think the NFL dirty dancing (b/c I love almost all things dirty dancing) and the Tide commercials were my favorite. My friends in advertising make jokes about how friends in advertising basically get together on super bowl sunday and deconstruct for 3 hours LOL.

I am all about the catch up. It's a constant state for me it seems. I figure since it's so constant I'm not going to complain about it (not that I think you were) because that would be an example of where I can take some of my crazy energy back. I think a lot of us feel like it's always something, right?

The sweater is really coming along, especially since you had to put it down during the game! Looking forward to the progress :)

Kim in Oregon said...