Thursday, February 01, 2018

Crazy making

This week has been nuts, and the start of next week will be nuts too. Sorry for the lack of fascinating updates on my glamorous life.

But, let's look at a few things. First, the sweater:
The sleeve on the right is a bit longer and less woogly looking (technical term) than the sleeve on the left.

And the cowl (and me):

I like the way looping around gives it a kind of woven look.


Anonymous said...

Those colors in that cowl are PERFECT for you!

kathy b said...

Pretty lady! I LOVE The photo of you and the cowl. Great way to incorporate pretty yellow in something and not have it be all yellow. I love yellow but feel those of us who are very fair, look not great in yellows! hahaha.

elns said...

You look fantastic in the cowl!! You're definitely going to get some great wear out of that!

Anonymous said...

Kim. Im so lame. I don’t have the pattern name. bUT if you contact linda at noble knits and ask her she said she was going to look at the post so she will know! So call them or they message you when you are on their site! Sorry!!!