Saturday, February 17, 2018

Farm pics!

Just a few.

I have some video of him where you can see how gorgeous his fleece is! Calypso weighs 75 pounds and he is starting to get a 'grown up' fce!

Marigold is doing well. She is settled in and takes her guard llama job very seriously. However, she no longer completely freaks me out and seems quite willing to let me interact with her flock.

Tinkerbell and Catalina create an awkward moment for me when kids ask me what they are doing.
Good times!


KSD said...

It's good to see that smile. Let yourself be sad, and know you'll make it.

And, just what DID you say to the children?

Kim in Oregon said...

"You know how sometimes dogs are alpha dogs and behave in ways to show other dogs who is boss? That's what's happening here."

kathy b said...

What fun photos!!!! Your joy is coming right through! Hi Calypso you handsome one!!

Vera said...

That last photo is hysterical!!!