Sunday, February 11, 2018

Knitting, cat, etc

Please note this is not about a knitting cat (that is, a cat that knits). Knitting and cat are two discrete concepts.

Jessie. She is an interesting one.

Like all cats, she has her share of quirks. One of her most interesting quirks has to do with her sense of place. She will pick a place to hang out and then hang out there for weeks and weeks. Then, she'll abandon that place and go pick another place.  Recently, her preferred place is on top of our security system (we have cameras placed around the outside of the house). She'll sit there for hours at a time, tucking all of her feet under her. Yesterday I could have sworn she did not leave this place until the evening, when she came and sat on the ottoman in our little TV room, which is her evening place to sit.

Recently, she has also taken to hiding somewhere in the guest/yarn room (there are lots of places a cat can hide both under the bed and in the closet). I've been in a bit of a panic a few times when I couldn't find her, now I figure she'll come out when she's good and ready. She is not an outdoor cat, and the times she has gone out she has been following Pilot to see where he is going.

She cleans out the dogs' ears.

Anyway, Wolkig is moving along. I tried it on last night and it needs a few more inches. The yarn is busy, but you can start to see some of the 'pleats' here (or maybe you can't. I can because I know what I'm looking for).

Yeah, it kind of looks like a happy and bright blob of color.

Last night we watched "Goodbye Christopher Robin" which was sweet and sad.

It sounds like a lot of you had snow days--I hope you enjoyed them! We are back to winter after some hints of spring--cool and rainy.


kathy b said...

Our cats do simliar things with their SPACE. I took away a little old pillow that Bea was sleeping on, today. I put down a failed felted purse from YEARS ago. We'll see if he claims that same spot with a different "blanket" Sometimes i've read they want the same scent and wont use the cleaner pillow. Oh and we gave upand shaved Tank. He is clean and beautiful now. After several baths he was still GREASY feeling. His coat is weird. I'll post a picture of tank tomorrow . We are amatuer groomers......hahaha

Anonymous said...

Jessie is beautiful.

Love the colors in Wolkig. That will brighten up ANY grey winter day.

KSD said...

Madeleine disappears shortly after finishing breakfast, and I don't see her very often --- if at all --- until 5 in the afternoon. (Honestly, you can set the clock by her.) I don't know where she goes. I've tried to find her a couple of times, to no avail. She just always shows up, and hangs around me the rest of the night.