Monday, February 19, 2018

Pomodoro Morning

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? Basically, it is a timer program for your phone that counts down 25 minutes (where you focus on something), then gives you a five minute break, then goes to the 25 minute thing, then the five minute thing, then the whole things two more times and then you get a 'long break' which was when I took a shower.

I've used it before (on my computer desktop) but not as an iphone program and WOW it worked. I got really, really focused--in fact, by the time I got to my 'long break' I kept working because I was so into the FLOW which happens to be my word of the year.

I did a really focused two hours and that was great! I got a lot of writing done and feel now quasi-caught up from my floundering state before.

Then of course SPSS (statatistics program) decides to be all DRAMATIC and I can't get it started and so am back to bouncing around a gazillion places.

Here is a question: do you like how this looks?

The cowl (Wolkig), not me.

I like it bu I think there's a lot of design in it that can't be seen. And not sure how I feel about that.

Anyway, yesterday I spent some time checking the stash for summer weight yarn and checking my Rav library for patterns as well. I need to start on some summer knitting because if I wait til it is warm, nothing will be done. I have already made peace with the fact that the Fair Isle sweater won't see the light of day til next Winter, and that is fine with me.

Back to work! Back to pomodoros!


Anonymous said...

The cowl looks beautiful on you. Those colors are so happy and really pop against your black sweater. Good job!

Vera said...

Love your cowl - very bright and colorful - excellent against your sweater.

KSD said...

Hooray for focused thinking (or non-thinking. . .)

And hooray for bobs!