Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Kathy did a QUORA!

*You can be :
naturally thin, naturally athletic, naturally tan.  For your whole life. What do you choose? Naturally athletic. Thin is the second choice.
*I’ll give you a site and you give me one:  Patterns at knittngpatternsgalore.com has an entire page devoted to slipper patterns. I love the free patterns from Purl Soho.
*Have you ever had a music box?Probably. And it probably had a plastic ballerina in it.
*What would you do if someone painted something for you and you didn’t like it? Find a place for it.
*Do you think those Olympic skaters can remember their routines 20 years later when they hear the music?   (Deb, with all your skating time, weigh in on this one please) Yes! I did synchronized swimming when I was 14 and that was more than 45 years ago. I still remember our routine to "March of the Siamese Children" and I start doing it whenever I hear that music!
 *Are you wearing out any of your handknits this winter ? Socks, yes.
*Is there someone you text to often, and rarely speak to ? Yes, my brother Bart.
*Have you ever been bitten by an animal? Yes. Comet (our dog) has chewed on me when she wanted to spur me to action. Does that count?


Anonymous said...

LOVE Purl Soho patterns.

kathy b said...

Thanks for loving the quoras!!!
I think it is great that you and your brother text!
I'll go check out purl sohos site. Its been awhile!
I think I remember those plastic ballerinas