Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sick Day

I'm sort of taking a sick day today. I say 'sort of' because the only time I need to take an 'official' sick day is if I have to cancel class b/c I'm sick. However, I could cancel class for any other reason and not report it as a sick day. What I'm trying to say is--no one keeps tabs on sick days for professors at my school, yet they keep giving me sick days and in the not-to-distant future when I wave goodbye to the campus, never to return again, I guess I get all my unused sick days as pay.

I have almost 175 sick days in the bank.  That's pretty much an entire academic year.

Someone is going to call this a scam one of these days.

Anyway--I have some type of cold thing going on--headache, scratchy sinuses, a bit of a sore throat. I think i slept for 9 hours last night (and I was pretty wiped out, between this sort of cold thing and having several days of insomnia). Tim is back from his quick trip to St. L so it was good to have some things back to a bit of normalcy.

I finished the first sleeve over the weekend:

I think the second sleeve will go quickly since I've already figured out what colors go where. We'll see. I think it looks pretty good from a distance at least!

I also cast on for a second summer top to keep summer stuff moving forward. There is lace on that one so there won't be too much action on that today.


kathy b said...

You should get paid for every penny of that sick time that you did not use. Feel better I love your fairisle work . It is amazing KIM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

That's a nice little perk ---- a nice way to head into retirement.

fillyjonk said...

Supposedly we're allowed to roll over sick days that are not used to count towards retirement pay. (Well, up to a point: when we max out our sick days accrued, the extra ones just go away, but there is a "bank" you can give them to, so someone who has used all theirs can use them).

However, the way things are going in my state? I fully expect the "you can put them toward retirement pay" to go away before I get to the point of retirement. I can't quite bring myself to take a sick day when I'm actually not coughing up a lung or actually contagious, though...