Sunday, February 04, 2018


Wolkig was a hot knitting ticket last summer but I never got on the bandwagon. I'm on it now!

It kind of looks like a mishmash right now but if you click on the pattern link you'll see how it looks when its done. There's just not enough needle to stretch it out right now. Anyway, this is one of the Starry Night yarns that I wound up last weekend.

The pattern is really easy to memorize--it is basically one round repeated over and over. Here's the Knitty link if you'd rather look at it that way.

So knitting wise, I now have:

  • Wolkig: it is about 40% done I imagine.
  • The sweater: going to work on one of the sleeves during the Super Bowl
  • Cascade Shawl: I kind of forgot about this one but I worked on it a bit yesterday
  • Mindless sock
This weekend I read "The Immortalists". This is an interesting novel with a very interesting premise: four young siblings (aged maybe 8-13) hear about a fortune teller who can tell you the date you will die. They seek her out and she tells them. The premise, then, is why do you die when you die?  I am not a big fan of contemplating death but this was very interesting to ponder during the course of reading the book, which is basically divided into four parts with each sibling's stories. It might not be for everyone but you might like it.

We watched "Battle of the Sexes" last night which was fine.

Super Bowl weekend! The Oscars of Advertising! My knitterversary because I taught myself to knit 14 years ago! Pot stickers for dinner! 


kayT said...

I was just looking for a cowl pattern; may have to join the Wolkig bandwagon. And that yarn you are using is gorgeous!

kathy b said...

I love your colorway! The deep blues are amazing. i think, like all your knits, its going to be fantastic.