Thursday, March 08, 2018

Attitude of gratitude

It is a stormy day here---certainly not as stormy and cold and snowy as Back East but a kind of miserable day here. When I got home from work, I thought about doing a 'short' walk with the dogs but one thing I realize is that those walks are doing me so much good--they really give me time to reflect on stuff that is going on in my life. So during today's walk, I thought of all the things that I'm grateful for on this stormy day.  Shall we start?

1. Crab season is open! The crab season in the NW was delayed this year but it is now open which means the grocery store carries crab at not ridiculous prices! Usually they are whole cooked crabs, but yesterday they had crab legs already cooked and we had that for dinner. The cost wasn't much more than a good cut of beef, and it was delicious!

2. The neighborhood shows little signs of spring:

3. Hoods!

4. My front yard shows little signs of spring.

5. Dogs.


Caffeine Girl said...

There's way more snow out your way than we have here. We just have melty, dirty snow!

Anonymous said...

I love that idea --- a grateful walk. Mind if I "steal" it?

I'm grateful for silly cats making silly faces at me while I type this.

Vera said...

Like Dee, I love your idea of a grateful walk!!