Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Boxes: checked!

Fallen off stitches back on needle: check! Thank you all for your sympathy, got the stitches back on without any major issues. I'm just about to the point where I can divide for the top half of that piece, and that should be finished fairly soon--probably over break.

Back of the white top: not checked. But it is moving along.

Winter term grades: check! Just sent out comments on final project and submitted grades. I have a meeting today at noon and then I'm on break! Prepare for reading, knitting and paper writing!

Halter training: we'll see! We are planning to do some halter training in a little over an hour, it will probably be quick because it is raining. Shearing day will be here soon--maybe five weeks?--so someone has to get used to his halter!

New house stuff: check! Except for a final decision on the exterior lights, we've reached consensus on all the 'finishes' of the house. Stay tuned! I did have a bit of a surprise when several of the finishes we selected showed up in my dentist's office!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are ready for a relaxing spring break!

kathy b said...

Glad you wrangled those stitches back onto the right place ! I'm not surprised Kim . You are a great knitter. And wow, Calypso get sheared already? Let us know how halter training goes. Are treats involved? What kind?
Happy PRE Spring Break time!! looking forward is half the fun!

rosy said...

Wow! you are finishing for break early. Over here schools don't stop until next Thursday although I think colleges are earlier. Have a great hols!

Caffeine Girl said...

Nothing worse that fixing dropped stitches. Congrats for getting yours back on the needles.
Two days until break -- can't wait!!!

Vera said...

I want Spring break!! I did get a snow day yesterday and that was lovely. Sounds like you are well prepped for your break - enjoy!!