Thursday, March 22, 2018


Spring breaking, that is!

Meetings are done, grades are in. Three manuscripts with end-of-March deadlines are done and submitted. The first two weeks of both spring term classes are prepped.  So I feel pretty much in control of things for a moment, and am going to enjoy a day of fun (and maybe a little bit of work). Fun being knitting and reading. It is pouring out right now--had the dogs out for an early morning walk which I haven't been able to do for several months, rain be damned!

Spring break goals, such as they are, include cleaning up the yarn room and getting the next 'round' of projects in place. The ones I have on the needles are all getting to the 'done' stage. It is so odd how they do that---maybe I just work on them in a rotation so that they all get a certain amount done in order. I have a lot of linen yarn that I want to work up some summer-y tops: I have a few I'm thinking of, including Linen Top, Bolan, Ginga Top and Reposado. There was also one on the Purl Soho (I think) site and of course now I can't find it. There were also two great sock patterns and a scarf pattern in the new Knitty. And finally, I have some lovely silk and cashmere yarn to make Killua which is slip stitch and should be fun.

Yesterday's halter training went well. Ann was working with Georgia (Calypso's sister) while I had Tink (who is fine on a halter and so is supposed to be a model for the others) and Calypso.

We started in the barn because it was pouring:

And then we headed outside to join the rest of the girls.

Next week we begin the weaning pocess.

Finally, some flowers from the garden:

And the tree outside my office window finally announced that spring is here!


Vera said...

Lovely choices for your linen yarn. Can't wait to see what you decide on.

Anonymous said...

All three of those linen patterns are beautiful.

Looks like Calypso did pretty well.

Caffeine Girl said...

The training looks like it did well. Such cuties!
I haven't knit anything with linen yet, but the idea of a linen top for summer is a good one.

rosy said...

Lovely photos! The halter training looks so fun. And your spring flowerings are delightful. You are quite a bit further south than we are but our blossoms and daffs are out too.