Sunday, March 04, 2018

Live from my sofa

Well not really live, since this is a post, but the sofa has been my spot of choice while I'm dealing with this cold. It is getting better--I can hear out of both ears!--but I am still so very tired. I think I've slept about 9 hours a night for the past few nights so I think I'm caught up.

Tim is over at the coast house meeting with the guy who is putting in the security system and the speakers. We use cameras here as a deterrent and we'll use them at the coast as well. We also don't plan to keep anything really valuable out there for a while, and the area is incredibly safe given most people have no idea where it is. I elected to stay home given my cold and the fact that standing in a cold damp house probably won't help me that much.

This is one of the summer tops I've cast on. The recipe is True Romance and I'm using Lindy Chain from Knit Picks for the yarn. I like the yarn a lot, and bought a bunch on sale. Hopefully this one goes well.

We watched "Darkest Hour" last night and it was OK. I finished the Prince Charles book and learned a lot. He's a kook but he's a good guy kook.


kathy b said...

I love your cast on and the color KIM!!!! Hoping that cold is gone for good soon!

KSD said...

Thanks for the review of Lindy Chain. I've looked and looked at it, but have never been able to decide whether to give it a go.

Hang in there!