Friday, March 09, 2018

Second sleeve: zippy!

I did some work on the fair isle sweater yesterday--it was cold and rainy and sweater weather.

The second sleeve is going much, much faster (although it doesn't quite look like it here, does it?).  It is going faster for two reasons: first, because I've already worked out the colors so don't have to think in that area and second, i can see what colors are coming up next so I know whether I can break the yarn or not.  I also don't have to think so much, which makes it goes faster. I think this sweater will look great!

Next week is the last week of classes, and my students are finishing papers and doing presentations. It is crunch time, though, to get ready for spring term. And we need to do a bit of halter training on a little alpaca man. So lots of stuff coming up.


kathy b said...

Glad the second sleeve is a joy to knit. It will look amazing when finished. I can't wait to hear about halter training with Calypso. Why is it done? To make them easier to sheer and to be seen by the vet? To lead to the trailer for transport?

Kim in Oregon said...

Yes, Kathy, all those things. Alpacas generally hate anything around their snouts as they think they can't breathe, so it takes slow and steady conditioning to get them used to the halter. There are a few times like you noted--shearing, vet visits, and maintenance activities like toe trims, weighing, getting shots, that it is just easier to have a bit of control over them.

Plus then you can take alpacas (well one, a calm one) to visit libraries and retirement homes and places like that.

KSD said...

Last week of classes already? Good luck with all the "winding up" stuff.

And good luck with the halter lessons. I've been through a few of those myself, albeit with horses.

Caffeine Girl said...

Love those sleeves. That is going to be a gorgeous sweater!