Friday, March 23, 2018

Second to last photo, plus I go on a little rant about contemporary fiction

Looky here!

Yes, I finished the arms! I only have to do the neckline and then weave in five gazillion ends and we're done with this one!

I have to say---I'm really proud of this. I think it looks very cool. I'm also proud that I had a vision and made it happen--I found a pattern for a top down raglan (not hard), I found two fair isle charts that I liked (not hard), I figured out the color scheme that I think looks awesome (hard) and I knit the second sleeve to perfectly match the first sleeve (harder than the first two things, not as hard as the third thing).  There are ten colors in the sleeves---two blues, a white, two pinks, two reds, two burgundies, and a yellow. And it all comes together. The yellow (gold really) is used very sparingly, but it is in there.

Yesterday I worked on this, and also worked on a new academic study that I just had to do, it fell into my lap. So that's fun.

Now my rant. WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THE UNRELIABLE NARRATORS? I know it started with Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train but jeez, authors, does every narrator have to be unreliable? I recently read three books with unreliable narrators, and I'm kind of tired of it. In two of them, you didn't know the narrator was unreliable until the last chapter, when ten gazillion new pieces of information were presented to tie the book up into a tidy bow. THIS IS NOT APPEALING!  Or shall I say, it was interesting the first few times I read books with unreliable narrators. And there are a few authors that do this really, really well (if you haven't read any books by Ruth Ware, go read them). But now, does EVERY BOOK need an unreliable narrator?  Because I'm about to start reading every book as if the narrator is unreliable, and that takes all the fun out of it.

TL/DR: Kim is unhappy with the 'unreliable narrator' trend in fictin.

Rant over. Continue with your day.


Vera said...

LOVE your sweater - gorgeous!!! Brilliant!!!

Didn't read Gone Girl and tried Girl on the Train and put it down. Haven't read any books with unreliable narrators that I'm aware of, but I understand your rant for sure.

kathy b said...

Worthy rant! I'd hate that! What a concept? no wonder I love non fiction
As for your vision of that sweater it is brilliant. And it has been very fun to watch evolve and become so perfect.
I saw alpacas on a nearby farm today and smiled thinking of yours

Alison said...

I read Ware's "In a Dark, Dark Wood" and it relied on a character being a dummy by not doing something basic. Here's an image that reveals what I mean: I just rolled my eyes so much at this book and didn't like it. I don't read too many new fiction books because there are so many older books I haven't read that have stood the test of time.

Caffeine Girl said...

You should be proud of your sweater. It is gorgeous and will be fun to wear.
I love a good unreliable narrator, but I agree with you that it has become overused and often used sloppily.