Monday, March 19, 2018


I got this out to take a photo this morning and of course the whole thing slid off:

Luckily it wasn't on a yarn-over row, so I could reconstruct it fairly quickly by Dayum.

I think I've mentioned that I really like this yarn (Lindy Chain) but it is so so slippery! I should dig up some wood needles because I think it will be less slick. The color is a bit of a very very pale mint green (it is called mint) but it does look sort of linen-y neutral here.

It was a quiet day around our house yesterday, with organizing all of our choices for the house (lights, tile, backsplash). It is really stressful because we don't want it to look crazy but also want it to have a little bit of character and style. I think we're doing OK in that area, but who really knows til it is all done.

I finished a mystery yesterday called "Force of Nature" by Jane Harper. It is set in Australia, and I guess is the second in a series featuring the same inspector. Five women leave for a weekend 'team building' event in the outback, and only four come back. WHAT HAPPENED? It was pretty interesting with a pretty good MacGuffin but the detective character was kind of bland so I'm not sure I will read any more from this author with that main character.

It is finals week: I am waiting for a few papers from my grad students and am trying to organize my work for this week and for next week. The main focus is pulling my two classes together--one I've taught a few times but I have new cases to prep, and the second is totally new and I haven't finished the reading yet (I have to read it all once and then go back and prep before class). So it will be a teaching-focused term this term.  That should be fine. I have a few little projects to work on, writing wise, in whatever downtime presents itself.

Today I must go to the Dentist to have a cavity filled (boo). So yeah, the week is starting off with a bang. Hope yours is better!


kathy b said...

Oh those naughty stitches. You'll wrangle them up ! I know it. Sorry about the dentist ..yuck.
We worked really hard in the woods yesterday due to 50s and sunny weather. It was tonic for my soul. Sore in the night, but really a good feeling to be outside again. Today; cold. Oh well. We are getting there.

Anonymous said...

The dentist is part of my week too. Hopefully, just a cleaning and xrays, but it is with a new dentist and that's NEVER fun.

Love your sweater color. Glad you could get the stitches all back in line.

As for the house stress --- As long as the foundation and walls are good, if you have to change lights or stuff you can. None of that stuff is permanent. I'm sure you picked lovely things. So ----------don't stress!

(Boy .... could I use THAT advice myself. LOL)

KSD said...

You are a better knitter than I, Knitta Din. The stitch slippage would have ended everything for me.

Vera said...

I would freak if that many stitches came off my needles - lol. Sorry about the dentist. We have a great one, but I still dread visits....