Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring (break) cleaning

So it is officially spring break, and it looks like a bit of a grey day. I have two graduate student manuscripts to read and a prospective student to chat with via phone.  But enough of that.

Yesterday I started cleaning up the yarn room (also known as the guest room) and sucked it up and unearthed ALL THE PROJECT BAGS and found a bunch of projects that I had sort of forgotten about. So I sorted those out (frogged one or two) and then took the projects I want to knit and matched them with yarn I have in the stash (this is assuming I can knit lots of fingering weight linen yarn tops pretty quickly). I also wound up yarn for some projects and cast on for a top, which had to be frogged a time or two when I didn't get gauge. So not a happy knitting day, but a necessary one.

And then this is where we are in house stuff:

Picking out interior paint. The tile is our planned tile for the kitchen, utility room and bathroom (it is a bit whiter than it looks like here---which is dirty) and here are all our paint options. I would love to have the job of naming paint colors. One dirty white is called "New York Winter"! I think we are considering either Acadia white (the middle color on the three-color strip at the top) or Four Winds (which is, I think, third from the top on the left? Or maybe first from the top on the right?)

Picking out whites are hard.

As it is nest-building time, I have started my annual ritual:

Hanging bits  of yarn in the trees to help out any bird that needs it.

More on knitting projects in the upcoming week!

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